10 Ways to Sabotage Your Leadership

By Kelly King

There are some basic skills every leader should possess or strive for in their leadership journey. But if you don’t want to be a leader worth following, here are 10 things to do:

1. Never read leadership books. Why get new ideas or be challenged to think differently? Plus, if you never read, you can spend more time reading through the latest Twitter feed.

2. Don’t attend conferences. This is like reading a book. Plus, you’ll have to spend money and time on something that you’ll walk away from and realize you already know everything that was taught.

3. Don’t network with other leaders. Why share your good ideas with someone else? Plus, who needs accountability with others? They might challenge you to do something that isn’t easy, and you might have to expand your circle of friendship.

4. Focus primarily on the tasks in front of you. People are messy, and it’s much easier to stay focused on your computer and send emails. A personal touch means you might get involved in someone’s life, which leads to sharing personal hurts.

5. Keep doing the same thing over and over again. Why try something new when your annual Mother’s Day tea has worked for 30 years? The saying, “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” is a good motto to live by.

6. Only study from one Bible study author. When you find the author who has the best hair and the best stories, why try someone new? You might have to wait two or three years for the author to release a new study, but it’s worth it when your group is so loyal.

7. Rest and relaxation are for lazy people. Idle hands are the devil’s playground, right? Keep busy and fill every moment with ministry and tasks. If you spend time with your family or talk a long walk, someone might notice that you aren’t fully committed to your leadership. Besides, you can sleep when you’re dead.

8. Stay in your comfort zone. Routines are important and being asked to think differently or try something new is risky. If you spend time thinking about the needs in your community or missions, the Lord might ask you to do something crazy—like go on a mission trip. Better to play it safe and stay at home.

9. Pray less. You have things to do. People to lead. To do lists to cross off. So, who has time to pray? Maybe those arrow prayers in the car will do the trick. Praying can seem boring and a waste of time, so squeeze in the small moments as best you can so you will be more productive.

10. Do everything yourself. You know how to get the job done best. Allowing others to share in the tasks at hand means you lose control and things might not get done the way you want them done. Why ask others to join you in ministry when you can get things done more quickly without them?

Kelly King serves as LifeWay’s women’s ministry specialist. This post originally appeared on LifeWay’s Ministry to Women blog and is used with permission.